A Lesson In Licorice Root

Kid Foodie and his little brother, Owen, make a pretty good pair. Kid Foodie is always up for an adventure and Owen is a sponge for random facts. Recently, Owen soaked up loads of info during a 3rd grade lesson on the Pacific Coastal Native Peoples. One of the things he learned was how to forage some edible things from the woods right outside his house. During a weekend visit to Grandma’s house, he put his new-found information to work and Kid Foodie was his willing student.


It’s been awhile since Kid Foodie has done any adventure eating. His family has been busy competing in a fun home makeover contest. You can watch the webisodes here: http://bit.ly/16nsOWi

Now onto some food. Sort of. Last week there were two huge gusts of wind that came out of nowhere and rushed through our front yard. One of the gusts knocked a large maple tree limb down onto the grass. Today while playing outside, Kid Foodie zeroed in on the bark and began tearing it off. He spotted a grub and with a little goading from Mom, he popped it in his mouth.

It’s pretty clear that it was probably a one time event. Except, of course, if he should find himself in a survival situation. Has anyone else eaten grubs? What’s the verdict?

Valentine Tradition

Valentine Tradition

Three years ago Kid Foodie’s mom started a tradition of having a little after school feast waiting for him and his brother on Valentine’s Day. Although everything is gluten-free, it’s certainly not sugar-free! This year the circus peanuts were specially requested and the package clearly states Gluten Free! Sugar crash expected in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 . . .