Kid Foodie is getting into the habit of handing his business card out to restaurant servers, caterers and other suspected foodie types. We usually get the quizzical looks and question like “You have a website? Cool.” End of story.

It’s ok really. I think it’s good for Kid Foodie to take ownership and pride in this little venture and it’s so cute to see him talk easily about it with anyone who’s interested. A couple of weekends ago our family was participating in an art walk and wine tasting event hosted by my husband’s cousin. I was selling my repurposed furniture, Scott was selling his garden art, Little Brother was selling a couple of his original paintings and Kid Foodie took the opportunity to introduce himself to the caterer.

Well, not only did the chef, Jordan, enjoy meeting Kid Foodie but he went out of his way to make KF feel super special. He gave the little guy a t shirt and hat which sports the clever name of the catering company Catering. Any guess as to their specialty? Roasted pig! Get it?



The aroma of smoked pork filled the air and that’s essentially what drew Kid Foodie directly to the source. A kinship was immediate. To be honest, I’m surprised KF didn’t try to go back for 3rds or 4ths. Vegans and vegetarians should probably look away from the next photo, but it’s not every day you see a pig on a spit!




A lot of kids might be put off by seeing the actual source of their pulled pork, but not Kid Foodie. I think after seeing this his world opened up a bit more! What’s more, the Monday after this event, we received a note via the contact portion of this website from chef Jordan himself. Seems he loves what Kid Foodie is doing and has invited us to collaborate together soon. A sushi sampling is also a possibility. We’re excited to meet up with Jordan again soon and see what deliciousness awaits.

Until then, check out what they’re up to at

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