I realized the other day that there is something that is common knowledge among people who grow up in the country, in the Pacific NorthWest. It’s something one naturally gleans from simply playing outside in the summertime. And it’s something that has effortlessly passed from my generation to Kid Foodie’s. Berries.

I don’t even know how many pictures I have of Kid Foodie picking berries around our house. The earliest ones are from when he was just a toddler. He’s now able to keep track of summer this way: June — salmonberries. They’re picked as he slowly makes his way up the driveway from the school bus. This was the first salmonberry crumble he baked when he was just 6.

After salmonberries, it’s time for huckleberries. We are in huckleberry heaven around here. There is a cluster of bushes that produce pretty much all summer long. This is where you’ll find Kid Foodie in July and August.








Sprinkled throughout July is a little bit of raspberry picking. Because we don’t have any of our own raspberry plants around our house, Kid Foodie has to settle for picking at friends’ houses. He happily picked these at a birthday party last year.

And finally, late August brings blackberries. Millions and millions of blackberries. I think it’s Kid Foodie’s favorite time. I know it’s mine. Every year we try to pick enough to freeze, preserve and make into syrup but they don’t always make it back to the kitchen. This last photo is from his pre-Celiac days at a pie eating contest. You guessed it — blackberry pie.

We’re gearing up to camp with our family this weekend and I have grand plans to bake a quick huckleberry galette as there is a bumper crop this year. I’ll post the recipe for that soon! In the meantime, Kid Foodie will be monitoring the blackberry progress. We’ll put on our creative caps and see if we can’t come up with some new, innovative uses for them. Are there any blackberry dishes that knock your socks off? Let us know!





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