Kid Foodie loves food. I mean he loves food. We’re not talking the kind of food you associate with most kids’ appetites. He loves good, fresh, whole, healthy food. A diagnosis in 2010 of Celiac Disease threatened to sideline his hobby. But quite the opposite happened. By overhauling the family’s diet, Kid Foodie and his mom discovered that their food world opened wide. They try out new gluten free recipes weekly — sometimes daily!

For years, Kid Foodie has been checking out cookbooks from the library. Almost without fail, it remains a weekly event. Some books he checks out over and over. And over. Sometimes he and his mom try out a few recipes and sometimes he simply looks at all the pictures, reads (aloud) the ingredient lists and imagines what the dishes might taste like.

In addition to his food love, Kid Foodie enjoys parkour, gymnastics, rock climbing, track and field (particularly the high jump), tennis and rock climbing. Many mornings, before school, he leads his family in calisthenics! He’s very much on track to live a life of health and fitness. One of his guilty pleasures is watching Biggest Loser with his mom. He wonders if he might be a trainer when he grows up. If not, he sees himself owning a restaurant — no big surprise there.

We hope you’ll follow along with Kid Foodie’s adventures as he walks on the culinary wild side, meets other foodies and enjoys the full flavors of healthy eating.

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